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Expectations of ODAPCA Board of Directors:

Elected Directors shall fulfill their service by the following Criteria:

1. Promote ODAPCA by devoting your resources and time.

2. Keep ODAPCA member status current.

3. Be knowledgeable of and committed to the ODAPCA’s vision and mission statement.

Mission Statement

ODAPCA serves as the leading advocate for addiction professionals and Certified Prevention Specialists in the state of Oklahoma. ODAPCA is the training and testing conduit for those seeking Oklahoma licensure and certification.

Statement of Vision

To educate, assist and maintain the integrity of addiction professionals through competency-based testing, evidenced-based training and nationally recognized certifications.  “Proudly Serving our Members…… One Day At A Time”.

4. Participate in board meetings, special events, and workshops/training's. 
a. Make attendance a top priority
                b. Make constructive contributions to ODAPCA’s policies and procedures

5. Be willing to volunteer.
a. Be willing to volunteer for fundraising and other tasks
                b. Be willing to work as a part of the board team to promote ODAPCA
                c. Be dynamic-stimulate, challenge management and the board
               d. Thank donors personally, by phone, or in writing

6. Be a contributor to ODAPCA.
               a. Regardless of the size of your contribution.  It is important to have 100% board contribution.  Be familiar with the by-laws. 
7. Visit ODAPCA’s website, office, and training's periodically.
8. Actively promote ODAPCA (advocacy, annual conferences and training opportunities, membership, certification and testing services) within the behavioral health community and share contacts with staff.
9. Be aware of:
             a. Key responsibilities
             b. Legal responsibilities
             c. Principles of good practice
             d. Your assets and gifts 

If you feel you can fulfill these expectations and dedicate your time to ODAPCA, please click on the link below and fill out an ODAPCA Board Member Application

Board Member Application

405.793.1545 . Address: 18735 NE 23rd. Street Harrah, OK 73045 .

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